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PostSubject: Dreams   Dreams Icon_minitime2007-01-22, 10:51

Okay, this stories stats:


Original creation of moi

By Mike Deller

“Heh-heh-heh…have you kids ever seen blood this close before?” It growled as it pushed the small blade deeper into the flesh of the body laying in front of it, blood started rising from the deep cut.

“Let go of mommy!” screamed Sidoh, staggering to his feet. His older sister, Alexandria, immediately pulled him down.

“Silence! These two do not deserve to live.” It spoke from behind its mask. It was wearing a faceless mask, with no lines, texture, or design. Just solid black.

“You won’t get away with this. Someone will get you eventually.” eight-year-old Gneo, the eldest brother, spoke.

“That is a lie!” It bellowed as it pushed the blade further still, a small pool of blood began forming on the ground, seeping through the cracks in the floor.

“S-s-stop it…” Sidoh stammered. He was youngest , along with his twin sister, Scatha.

“Oh, don’t worry little one. I’ve made sure that your loving parents can’t feel a thing right now.” It spoke in a soothing, yet sarcastic tone.

The four children were sitting upstairs, in their parent’s bedroom, frozen to the wall in fear of the terrifying person in front of them. It had over dosed their parents with heroine, leaving them unconscious. None of them knew who or what the masked individual was, or why it was doing this to their parents.

“I’m getting bored with this women. So, if anyone has any objections, speak now, or forever let this retched creature rest in peace.” It announced. Silence filled the air for a while. Gneo grunted, and started to squirm where he sat.

“Well then, without further ado…” It slowly took a knife out of a holster on its leg, the air ringing as it was taken out of its sheath.

“Wait! Stop right now!” Gneo yelled, jumping to his feet.

“Sit down Gneo, please! Just sit down!” Alexandria pleaded, pulling on his leg. Gneo stood still.

“Hmmm…a hero, eh?” Its mechanical voice droned. “Are you really as brave as you think you are?” It started to walk slowly towards Gneo.

“Y-y-yes.” Gneo trembled. “You don’t look so t-tough.”

“Bah!” It spat. “You foolish child! I think I’ll have to teach you some manners!” It stood in front of Gneo for a while. It reached out its gloved hand, and ran its fingers down Gneo’s face, caressing his cheek, and under his chin.

“Such a handsome young man. What a pity.” Without warning, it drove its knife into Gneo’s forehead, blood rapidly gushing from the gash. Gneo began to scream as he heard the blade scrape against his skull. It dragged the knife diagonally downward, just barely missing his right eye and stopped on his cheek. Gneo let out an ear splitting scream. His siblings were all grasping onto each other, crying in despair.

“Want more? Heh-heh-heh...” It laughed psychotically, “fine, you asked for it.” Once more, it plunged its knife into Gneo’s forehead, and dragged it diagonally downward to the right, this time not minding the eye. Gneo screamed still, flinching hard as the knife barely pierced his left eyelid. Blood was now streaming down his face and neck, showering the ground with red drops of blood. It decided that it was finished, and withdrew its knife from Gneo’s face. It wiped off some of the blood with its free hand, lifted up the mask just enough to allow space for it’s hand, and started to lick the blood off its fingers. It made a sickened sound.

“What is this? This tastes wretched! I’ve never had blood that tasted this repulsive before!” It spat, in attempt to rid its mouth of the foul taste. Blood and saliva could be seen dripping off the bottom of the mask.

Disgusted, it pushed Gneo back down into his family. Alexandria immediately took Gneo into her arms, stoking his hair in attempt to comfort him.

“That’s it. No more messing around. These two die. Right now,” It said as it walked over to the two unconscious bodies. It shoved its knife into the throat of their mother. The children shrieked as they heard tendons and marrow snap in her esophagus.

“W-k -p!”

“Now. For the grand finale!” It began to laugh psychotically again as it kneeled down next to the unconscious father. It waved its hands wildly over the father in circular patterns for a while. Then, it broke the pattern by swiftly pulling its hands straight up into the air. Blood surged upward from every pore, eye socket, ear, and other orifice available and gathered into a massive ball that floated in mid air. Alexandria, Gneo, Sidoh, and Scatha said nothing, their eyes wide, frozen with fear. It grinned from under its mask, it said nothing as it stood up. It stepped behind the floating collection of blood and began waving its hands once more in a similar pattern. It seemed almost graceful, like a dance. It finished off by swinging it’s hands in the direction of the children on the ground, and the blood responded by flying over to them, and splattering itself all over the fear-frozen children. Still, nobody made a sound until the murderer broke the silence.

“Sorry, children, but the fun has ended. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to leave some time to get you later.” It cackled as it transformed into pure water. It began to sink down into a puddle, where it seeped through the floor, and vanished.

“-ake -p!”


Gneo snapped awake, colliding with his sister’s forehead, who was bending over him, yelling at him in an attempt to wake him up. Alexandria let out a yelp, and stepped back. Gneo clutched his forehead, falling off his bed as he rolled around. Alexandria looked furious.
“What was that for? Why do you-” Alexandria stopped and examined the tears frozen to his face. She knelt down next to him.

“You had that dream again, didn’t you?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay, though. God I hate Mondays.” Gneo wiped the frozen tears off his face and stood up.

“Actually, it’s Tuesday.” Alexandria corrected.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

“Okay. Well, don’t be late for second period.” Alexandria stood up, patted his blue dreadlocks, pinched his two furry dog-like ears, and walked away, shutting his door behind her.

“God I hate it when she does that…wait—second hour?! Crap!” Gneo threw on his favorite black shirt, and green dragon skin pants, and bolted across his room, which was completely frozen over. He grabbed his sword and hilt, slung it over his shoulder, and cleared his mind. Slowly, he melted into water, and splashed down into a puddle. Gneo moved as fast as a puddle could, under the door to his dorm room, down the hallway, and into the commons.

“The fountain!” Gneo yelled in a bubbly tone as he spotted the large structure. Still a liquid, he plunged into the fountain, and squirmed down the drain. Gneo navigated through the pipes under the building.
“Left, left, up, right, up, up, up, and…” Gneo was in a water pipe above his classroom. He squeezed out of a sprinkler alarm that was hanging directly above his desk. But as he solidified back to normal, he noticed a girl sitting in his desk.

“Oh crap!” Gneo yelled as he fell, quickly transforming back into water. The girl looked up, barely having any time to scream as Gneo splashed all over her.

“Aaak! What the hell!?” She screamed as she stood up, knocking over her stool. She began shaking her body around violently, trying to rid herself of the liquid Gneo she was drenched in. Classmates—especially the boys, began to stare.

“Ow! Stop it! Settle down!” Gneo said in a bubbly voice.

“Well then get off me!” The girl yelled. Gneo pulled himself out of her clothes, and inched his way down her leg. As he gathered into a puddle on the floor, he slowly turned back to normal.

“Listen, I’m really sorry Akane,” Gneo hung his head as he apologized, not maintaining eye contact, “but you were sitting in my spot, and-” Gneo was cut off by a hard slap to the face and a roar of laughter from the class. He looked up, shocked.

“Save your excuses for someone else, pervert. I should report you-”

“TAKE YOUR SEATS!” yelled the teacher as he burst through the doors at the back of the classroom. Akane quickly sat down where she was sitting next to Alexandria, who had buried her face in her arms in embarrassment. Gneo walked slowly over to an open seat, and sat down.

“I will have no foolishness in this class. We begin immediately,” the teacher said as he began writing the next lesson on the chalk board, “now, who can tell me the best way to gather flames from a wet environment?” The teacher asked. Gneo paid no attention, fire was his least favorite subject. He could never get anything right, fire just did not seem to like him. Instead, he stared at the girl he just accidentally harassed.

“Great. What a way to hit it off with the only girl I like in this school…” Gneo thought. He had been holding a little flame for Akane since they were little. As children, they were friends, but as they grew up, they slowly drifted apart. Now, it was almost as if they never knew each other. He stared at the cute yellow ribbon that held her pinkish-red hair in a ponytail. Her bright orange t-shirt covering her light-red skin…her pink shorts baring her long silky wet legs…wet legs? Gneo looked at his left arm. It was not present. The person sitting next to Gneo looked at Gneo’s cloths with confusion.

“Are you still wearing your pajamas under your clothes?” The person sitting next to him whispered. Gneo’s concentration on his missing arm was broken.

“Huh?” Gneo turned to him and looked down at his cloths, “Yeah, I guess I am.” He answered.

“Freak,” his neighbor said, “wait—where’s your arm?” He looked surprised.
“You know that little…thing that just happened a little bit ago? Yeah, I think Akane still has my arm…” Gneo diverted his attention back to his arm dripping down Akane’s legs.

“Gneo and Seymour. Do you have a good explanation as to why you two are disrupting my class?” The teacher asked. Gneo stood up.

“Um, actually, yes. It’s a long story, but basically, my arm is on Akane’s legs.” Gneo said.

“What?!” Akane yelled. Alexandria hid herself in her arms again.

“Gneo, that’s a bit inappropriate…” The teacher started.

“No, no, no, that’s alright. I can get it back.” Gneo held out his palm, pointed at Akane. He closed his eyes.

“Gneo—what are you doing?” Akane asked with an uneasy tone. Gneo remained silent. With his outstretched hand, he made beckoning motions to the water on Akane’s legs.

“What? I’m not going over to you, you freak!” Akane yelled at Gneo. Gneo closed his fist, and swiftly drew it to his chest. Akane squealed as the water run down her legs. It gathered in a puddle on the ground. Gneo flung his hand out again and made another strong beckoning motion. The water flew across the room, diving into Gneo. It sank through his shirt, and into his chest. With a loud splash, his arm sprouted back into place.

“There we go,” Gneo said, rubbing his arm, “much better.” The class stared at Gneo and Akane. Not knowing what to say, Akane sat back down, her face flushing.

“Gneo. You just disrupted my classroom again, did you not?” The teacher asked.

“Yes, Mr.Kawazaka.” Gneo replied.

“Then I will have to take ten points from Gryffindor.” Mr.Kawazaka said. The class turned to Mr.Kawazaka, an awkward silence filling the air.

“Uh…what?!” Gneo asked, confused.

“Think nothing of it. Now, moving on…” Mr. Kawazaka turned around, and began writing on the chalkboard, when the bell rang. A loud roar erupted from the students as they all rushed out of the room.

“Don’t forget, it’s arena day! You have five minutes to get to the arena!” Mr.Kawazaka yelled. Gneo waited for Alexandria at the doorway.

“You know, If you weren’t my brother, I—I don’t know what I would do with you.” Alexandria said, walking past Gneo through the doorway. Gneo turned around and followed her.

“Well then, you would be missing out on a lot of fun.” Gneo replied.

“Or embarrassment. Ready to get whooped again today?” Alexandria asked.

Dreams Roofletrain

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PostSubject: Re: Dreams   Dreams Icon_minitime2007-01-22, 10:52

Arena day was a day in which students of the Zomufa water temple could test their strength and skills in battle. Those who do not wish to participate watch the battle from the coliseum outside the temple. Those who wished to participate went with Professor Sudoki, the highest-ranking mater master in existence, and the headmaster of the Zomufa water temple, beneath the temple to a special chamber. Inside the chamber, spiritual equipment hummed and buzzed as it waited for it’s next use. Warriors were placed in glass cylinders, and were outfitted with as many electrodes that they could be. The cylinder then fills with water that has been purified by the current leader of the temple. Their spirit is channeled through the electrodes, and projected into the coliseum, and no matter how much the spirit suffers, the physical body remains unharmed. After battles, both fighters are given an elixir to replenish their spirits.

“No way. I learned my lesson. I’m not going to try that again.” Gneo reminisced. The memory was clear in his mind. It was the final match. The crowd was going nuts over the last battle. Gneo and Alexandria were the final combatants. Both of them had successfully disarmed the other, leaving them down to bare fists. Alexandria was recovering from a fall, Gneo saw this as an opportunity to strike. He lurched towards Alexandria, ready to pounce. Gneo jumped up into the air, drew his arm back, ready to punch straight through her. Alexandria quickly rolled down onto her back, and thrust her legs out. Gneo’s spirit almost snapped in half as her feet collided with his gut. He landed on the ground with a thud. Alexandria swiftly bounded to her feet, and stomped on Gneo’s neck. She had won the match by forcing him into submission. Gneo rubbed his back of his neck, remembering where she had him pinned. Even though it was his spirit, it still had hurt.

“You better get changed,” Alexandria said, tugging at the pajamas poking through the holes in his shirt, “I don’t know many people who wooed their lovers in their pj’s. But hey, you could try it.”

“Shut up. Like there’s anyone I want to ‘woo’ anyway.” Gneo lied. Alexandria rolled her eyes.

“Uh-huh. I believe you. She’s competing, by the way. Don’t lose before you get a chance to face her.” Alexandria grinned.

“What? Akane’s fighting?” Gneo asked.

“What do you mean? I thought there was nobody you were trying to impress? Well, anyway, don’t be late!” Alexandria departed for the stairway that led to the underground chamber.

“That little…grrrrr…” Gneo stomped off to his dorm room. When he arrived, he noticed that his door was open. Light could be seen creeping out at the foot of the doorway. Gneo slowly walked to the door, poking his head in to look for intruders. The ground was littered with grenades. Gneo frowned at the ground, following the mess to the far side of his room. Two small red skinned creatures were digging in a chest Gneo used to keep personal items. Looking closer, he noticed the two beings were Sidoh and Scatha. Gneo quietly tiptoed into his room.

“Well, at least they didn’t melt down my entire room.” Gneo muttered in his head. When Gneo first got his room, he had manipulated water from the fountain in the commons, and brought it all the way to his room, because he had not yet learned how to summon water from the air. After flooding the room, he had completely frozen the room over. In the past, Sidoh and Scatha have ruined his room by melting it all down. Gneo snuck closer to the two vandals.

“What the heck is this?” Sidoh asked Scatha, holding up a picture.

“How should I know? It’s probably just some stupid picture Gneo never got to throwing away.” Scatha barked as she took the picture from Sidoh and tossed it aside. Gneo bit his lip.

“Hey, what’s that?” Sidoh asked.

“What’s what?” Scatha tried looking for the object Sidoh was asking about.

“That shiny thing to your left.”

“My left or your left?”

“My left is you’re left, idiot! We’re both facing the same way!”

“You know what? I really don’t care.”

“Forget it. What about this? It’s—hey, is it getting cold in here?” Sidoh asked.

“What? Dude, how can it get any colder? This whole room is frick’en frozen over!” Scatha yelled.

“Alright, geeze, keep your voice down! But I swear I fell like we’re being watch-” Sidoh was cut off by a numbing pain crawling up his legs. Sidoh and Scatha turned their heads around, to see Gneo holding his hand up in the air, clenching his fist. He rose his fist upward, the ice below Sidoh and Scatha responded by surging up and burying them up to the neck.

“What the hell are you two doing here?” Gneo asked, walking up to the frozen twins. Gneo bent down and picked up the picture Scatha had thrown on the ground.

“Do you know who this is?” Gneo held up the photo. The twins both shook their heads.

“This is Akane and I when we were little. This picture means a lot to me. We were both only eight.” Gneo said, running his fingers down the picture, freezing it to keep it preserved.

“Now, I’m wondering weather I should snap you both in half right now, or wait for the arena.” Gneo snapped his fingers, and the ice imprisoning Sidoh and Scatha shattered.

“Get out of here before I make my decision.” Gneo spat. The twins blazed out of the room as fast as they could, slamming the door behind them. Gneo looked at the floor again.

“What a mess!” Gneo said to himself aloud. He took off his shirt, beginning to undress himself. Walking over to his chest, Gneo noticed a note on top of everything. It was made from magazine clippings, making it look like a ransom note.

Dear handsome young man,
I’m afraid your school’s little play day has been canceled. Come out and meet me in the coliseum as quickly as you can. Do not worry, nobody is hurt. However, your heart might be.
~The Masked One

Gneo could hardly believe what he was reading. Without second thought, Gneo stripped his pajamas off, then put back on the normal clothes he had been wearing before. He stood up, slinging his sword hilt over his shoulder, and began running for his door. Stopping for a second to pick up a pineapple grenade, he wondered what the note could have meant by ‘his heart might be hurt’. Gneo clipped the grenade to his belt. As Gneo rushed out of his room into the hallway, he noticed that nobody was around.

“That’s odd. Normally people are still wandering the halls on Arena day.” Gneo thought. Gneo raced out of the halls and into the front foyer. Sliding down the long railing along a staircase, he bounded for the door. The doors were already open, so he ran out of the temple. Still, nobody could be seen or heard. Gneo could see the coliseum. A strange structure could be seen in the center of it. Gneo ran towards the coliseum. When he arrived, Gneo stopped dead in his tracks.

“So. I see you got my invitation. So nice of you to join me.” A mechanical voice spoke. Gneo’s eyes widened as he saw the masked figure who killed his parents standing less than twenty feet away from him. But his attention was diverted to the large structure in the middle of the coliseum, behind the murderer. It was a tall pillar of ice, and as Gneo’s eyes traveled up the pillar, he noticed something hanging from it.

“You godda-”

“Ah-ah-ah,” the masked figure chided, “we wouldn’t want to say something we might regret later, would we?” The masked figure spoke. Akane was hanging unconsciously from shackles made of ice. Gneo’s temper started to boil.

“You—I swear, I’ll kill you!” Gneo gripped the hilt of his sword on his back, and rushed forward, beads clacking in his deep aqua dreadlocks as the wind blew through his hair.

The masked figure smirked, lowering its stance as it clutched something in its cloak. Gneo unsheathed his sword, slashing downward at the masked figure. It met his sword with the metal shaft of a scythe it withdrew from its cloak. The shock of recoil rang through Gneo’s arms.

“Oooow!” Gneo dropped his sword, staggering backwards. Arms cramped. Legs struggled to support weight. The masked figure struck Gneo in the stomach with the blunt end of its scythe, then spun around and bashed him in between his eyes. Gneo fell onto his back, clutching his forehead. The masked figure laughed.

“Little Gneo hasn’t grown a bit, has he?” The masked figure laughed again. Pulling back its scythe, it severed Gneo’s neck with a sickening splash.

“What?” It looked at the two puddles that lied before it. The smaller puddle solidified into ice in the shape of Gneo’s head.

Dreams Roofletrain

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Dreams Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dreams   Dreams Icon_minitime2007-01-22, 10:52

“Heh. Thought you had me there, didn’t you?” Gneo asked. The larger puddle began to take shape into Gneo’s body, freezing itself as it took form, swinging its legs around violently. The masked figure jumped far back, away from the frozen body as it swung itself to its feet. The body walked over to its disembodied head, picked it up, and placed it back on its shoulders. As Gneo’s frozen body melted back into flesh, he unclipped the grenade from his belt.

“Not bad, eh?” Gneo said, fidgeting with the grenade.

“So, you’ve learned a few tricks since I rid the world of that foul couple you called parents.”

“What did you say?” Gneo squeezed the handle of the grenade, and pulled the pin.

“Your parents did not belong together…Balzak, your father was red skinned…and your mother, Nymphia was of blue skin…they did not belong together.” The masked figure said. Something clicked in Gneo’s brain. He looked up at Akane, staring at her light red skin, and then drew his gaze down to his hands, his own blue flesh.

“You racist piece of shi-”

“Heh…seeing the trend? Well, at least you knew before you died.” The masked figure mounted its scythe on its shoulder, and dashed towards Gneo. Gneo released the handle of the grenade.

“Three…” Gneo counted.

“Say your prayers, child!”

“Two…” Gneo threw the grenade at the masked figure. The grenade exploded within inches of its mask, sending it flying backwards several feet.

“Uh…n-n-Gneo?” Akane slowly started to regain consciousness. Gneo looked up at her on the pillar.

“Akane!?” Gneo yelled.

“Gneo—I… I’m sorry. I-”

“Don’t worry Akane, it’s over. I killed it.” Gneo said. Just as Gneo finished his sentence, the masked figure staggered to gain a standing position.

“No…you should be dead…” Gneo started.

“Ha! You think I would die over a lame attack like that? You are sorely mistaken.” It said in a demented mechanical female voice. A large crack was present in its mask. Slowly, the crack spread, and the entire mask shattered, revealing an angry looking blue skinned feminine face. Blue hair flowed over her shoulders, landing at her waistline.

“You little bastard! Do you know how much that mask and voice changer cost?” She yelled. Gneo gasped.

“Holy crap! You’re a chick!?” Gneo exclaimed.

“What does that have to do with anything?” She yelled.

“Hey,” Akane spoke, “I know who you are. You’re Isuna, the head master’s daught-”

“Shut up! I know who my father is!” Isuna turned around and screamed at Akane, turning her back on Gneo.

“You were said to have died eleven years ago, how old were Gneo and I? Like seven or eight?”

“I said shut UP!”

“You supposedly committed suicide, and-”

“That’s it!” Isuna held up her hand, a long icicle forming above her. She hurdled the jagged piece of ice at Akane, impaling her through the stomach. Gneo’s eyes widened as blood freed itself from organs. Akane’s shackles broke, sending her falling to the ground.

“Akane!” Gneo ran up to the falling pillar. He lunged forward, catching her as they both tumbled to the ground. Gneo sat up next to Akane, propping her head up on his shoulder.

“Akane, speak to me!” Gneo begged her.

“Gneo…I—I…” Akane coughed blood on Gneo’s face as she reached up to touch him reached Gneo’s face with both hands, running her fingers down his face. Gneo didn’t flinch.

“Akane…don’t say what I think you’re trying to say…” Tears mixed with nicks and cuts, sending crimson tears down to meet with Akane’s own, as they tumbled down her pinkish cheeks.

“Gneo…all those times I pretended to hate you, to not even know you, I didn’t mean it…Gneo…I—I love you- ” Akane pulled Gneo into a kiss. After a few brief moments, all Gneo could taste was the blood in Akane’s mouth, and she went limp in his arms.

“Awww…such a sweet moment,” Gneo could hear Isuna’s voice hovering over him, “too bad you did not belong together…”

Gneo softly laid Akane’s head on the ground, crossing her arms over her breasts. Standing up, he slowly rose his head, glaring at Isuna, wiping the blood off of face with an aching arm. Isuna jumped back a couple feet, spinning around as she swung her scythe around in a circle, but before she could impale Gneo through the side, he liquefied and froze his torso. Isuna tried pulling her scythe out of Gneo’s side, but Gneo froze his hand, and punched downward, snapping the handle off the blade. Gneo slowly started walking towards Isuna.

“You killed my mother…” Gneo stated with a deadly flat tone. Isuna drooped the broken shaft, taking slow backward steps.

“You killed my father…” Gneo began taking faster paces toward her.

“You killed my lover…you will not kill me!” Gneo’s tone grew with rage.

Isuna threw a right hook at Gneo. Gneo caught it with his right hand, compressing it as hard as he could. Gneo jumped up in the air, upon coming down, he sent his left forearm down on her elbow, smirking as he heard a loud snap. Isuna screamed in pain. Still holding onto Isuna with one hand, he stomped his right foot on the ground, steadying himself as he began spin Isuna around.

“What the hell do you think you are do-ahh!” Isuna yelled as Gneo continued to swing her around by her broken arm.

Gneo swung her around once more before letting go of her, sending her flying at the pillar of ice. Isuna’s spine smashed up against the cold hard ice, her body falling to the ground in a helpless slump. Isuna struggled to stand up, clutching her elbow as she flinched from the pain convulsing though her arm as she regained her footing.

“You impertinent cur! I will rip those damned dog-ears from your head, and shove them down your dead girlfriend’s-” Isuna was interrupted by a thunderous splash behind her. She turned around to see not a giant pillar of ice behind her, but an immense pillar of liquid water.

“And just what the hell do you think you will be doing with this thing, mutt?” Isuna spat as she turned around to face Gneo. When she saw him, her eyes widened. Gneo was standing in a very wide stance, with both palms facing outwards toward Isuna. Isuna grunted, still flinching from the pain of her broken arm.

“Hey, cur! I asked you a question!” Isuna yelled.

Gneo flipped his hands around so his palms faced himself. He began to move his fingers back and forth, at Isuna’s general direction.

“What!? You want me to bring it, little doggy? I’ll show you, puppy who your master is!” Isuna lowered her stance to dash at Gneo, but the pillar of water started before her. She was caught by the moving mass of water, struggling to escape it as it brought her to Gneo. Gneo clenched his fists, and pounded his knuckles together, commanding the pillar of water to stop. It followed its orders, stopping a few feet from Gneo. Gneo stepped closer, reaching his arm into the mass of water. He grabbed Isuna, pulling her out by her hair. Her head plunged out of the water, coughing as she gasped for air. Gneo clapped his hands on Isuna’s cheeks, sending a cold shock throughout Isuna’s body. The massive pillar of water froze back into its previous state, encasing all of Isuna, leaving only her head poking out. Isuna shook Gneo’s hands off her face.

“What the hell did you do to me, cur?” Isuna tried looking behind her, but her frozen neck prevented her from doing so. She tried to shake her body free around in vein. Claustrophobia settled in. She began screaming and swearing, spitting at Gneo’s feet.

“OKAY, YOU WIN! Just please let me go, I swear cur, I’ll do anything…if you don’t free me, I’ll gouge your eyes out with your own fangs!” Isuna started crying and screaming insanely.

“Hmmmm… that gives me an idea…” Gneo grinned as he licked his canine teeth, pulling the scythe blade out of his frozen torso.

“Go ahead, kill me,” Isuna spat, her bottom lip quivering as tears streamed down her face, “It won’t bring back anyone.”

“W-k -p!”

“No. But it will amuse me…for the rest of my life…” Gneo slowly brought the blade to her eye. Gneo laughed as he slowly guided the blade through her retina. He only laughed more when she screamed in horror, blood gushing from around the blade.

“-ake -p!”

Gneo breathed heavily as he slowly pushed the blade further still, feeding off her screams. He couldn’t help using his free hand to have a taste of her blood. It was very sweet.

“You like your confections, don’t you?” He began to crave her blood.

“Look at the all-powerful Isuna,” Gneo said in a mocking tone, “Screaming and cowering due to a so-called ‘child’.” He licked around her eye, only stopping his feast to stop Isuna’s attempt to bite him. His thirst was not quenched, and he started thinking about keeping her alive…only barely alive so her body would not stop the process of making blood…he could build a cage…

“You’re mine, bitch…you shall replace those you have taken from me…in every way possible…perhaps we shall start with Akane’s loss.” Gneo slowly removed the blade tip from her eye, dropping it to the ground as he ran his fingers down the side of Isuna’s cheek, unfreezing and freeing her body as he continued to caress her neck, over her chest, down further still…


Gneo opened his eyes to see Alexandria’s face mere inches from his own. He wiped the frozen tears off his face.

“Yes, I had that dream again, yes I’m fine, yes I know its Tuesday, and don’t worry, I won’t be late for second period.” Gneo said to Alexandria, hopping out of bed.

Alexandria stared at him in an awkward silence as he walked out the door, fully gown in his pajamas.

Dreams Roofletrain

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I think you should post in moderation. Like, have people read a chappie at a time, to give them time between, you know? That way, you get more reviews.
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Yes...that would be the smart thing to do. ^__^;;


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